Professional Baseball Strength & Conditioning



By Gene Coleman, Ed.D., RSCC*E

Most Injuries Are Due to Overuse!

USA Baseball Guidelines

  • Warm-up to pitch, don’t pitch to warm-up

  • Play for no more than 1 team at a time

  • Pitch in only 1 game/day

  • Observe pitch counts

  • STOP when tired

  • Pitch no more than 100 innings/year

  • Pitch no more than 8 months/year



Gene Coleman, Ed. D., RSCC*E, FACSM has over four decades as a head strength and conditioning coach (Astros 1978-2012) and strength and conditioning consultant (Rangers 2013-2020). He is Professor Emeritus in the Exercise and Health Sciences Program at the University of Houston – Clear Lake and Website Education Manager

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