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Virtual Clinic Speaker Spotlight: Gene Coleman

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Gene Coleman was the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Houston Astros from 1978-2012 and is currently a Strength and Conditioning consultant for the Texas Rangers and Professor Emeritus the Exercise and Health Sciences Program at the University of Houston-Clear Lake. He is also the Website Education Manager for the PBSCCS’s

Dr. Coleman received a BS in Physical Education from Lamar University in 1965, a MEd in Physical Education from Oklahoma University in 1966, and an Ed. D. In Physical Education from the University of Texas in 1969.

Dr. Coleman has a vast history of experience, including being a Professor, a Researcher, and a Professional Strength and Conditioning Coach.

Dr. Coleman is a member in a number of professional organizations, including: the National Strength and Conditioning Association (CSCS, RSCC, *E), the American College of Sports Medicine (Fellow), and the Professional Baseball Strength and Conditioning Coaches Society (Website Education Manager).

He has also done a number of presentations on baseball-specific training, and has had a large number of research publications as well.

Dr. Coleman will be presenting on Speed and Acceleration in Baseball in our Virtual Clinic, with a special emphasis on these aspects of raining for the youth baseball player.

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