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Job Posting : Philadelphia Phillies

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Job Title: Massage Therapist

Job Class: Full Time

Department: Baseball Operations

Reports To: Head Athletic Trainer

Summary As a licensed massage therapist, this individual, through their specific manual therapy techniques, will assist in the preventative and restorative soft tissue management of players and staff during the Major-League season and championship season. This person will also assist the head athletic trainer in rehabilitation of injuries of players and staff.


  • Perform quality massage therapy sessions as indicated by the medical staff and players.
  • Meet individual needs keeping in mind the health, well-being and performance of players and staff.
  • Promote the health and wellness benefits to players and staff receiving massage regularly.
  • Create excellent experience for players and staff with a friendly and helpful attitude.
  • Help maintain professionalism and cleanliness of therapy rooms and common areas.
  • Guide players and staff through the types of massages that would benefit them most
  • Will complete documentation of all care provided to players and staff and submit to the head athletic trainer.
  • Design sessions around players and staff specific complaints or problem areas.
  • Listen to players and staff during massages and adjust technique to meet their needs.
  • Conduct ongoing assessment of treatment programs and practices to ensure continued high-quality care based on current available literature and relevant educational seminars.
  • Maintain a working relationship with players and staff and network of health care professionals for the major-league club.


  • Must have or be eligible to apply for Pennsylvania Massage Therapist Licensure
  • Must adhere to local and state licensing laws and regulations
  • Must carry personal liability insurance
  • Must pass background check
  • Must have knowledge of several massage techniques including but not limited to sports massage, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, reflexology, etc.
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Ability to communicate effectively with players and staff
  • Understands and believes in the healing benefits of massage therapy and bodywork

Any inquires can be sent Scott Sheridan, Head Athletic Trainer

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