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POSITION:  ​​MiLB Performance Coach

REPORTS TO:  ​​MiLB Strength and Conditioning Coordinator ​​

DEPARTMENT:  ​​Performance Department ​​​

DATE:​​​​November 2021​​

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Carl Kochan


Provide a positive learning environment that fosters personal and team development for the players and coaches. Our focus lies in the areas of physical performance related to baseball. This includes, but not limited to players’ individual biomechanics, strength training, mobility, stability, conditioning, performance nutrition and/or recovery methods.


Testing and evaluating players in different movement patterns to help develop a needs analysis on players’.
Weight room progressions related to pitching or hitting needs, running mechanics, mobilityand/or stability deficits, as well as, conditioning.
Correlating sports science and performance testing data to a player’s specific movement patterns.
Leading team stretches and teaching recovery modalities.
Knowledge in performance nutrition and the NSF certified for Sport program.
Coordinating daily meal schedules during the season with coaching staff and catering companies.
Constructing and coordinating in-season and off-season programs specific to each individual players’ needs and goals.
Providing various reports in-season and off-season pertaining to athletes Dodger profile.


Communicating effectively with all staff members.
Work closely with the medical staff on return to play progressions when necessary.
Overseeing the nutritional needs for our players at each MiLB affiliate.
Assist Player Development staff during the season with MiLB player transactions by helpingwith transportation and travel money for Dodger approved expenses.
Bi-monthly and daily reporting to supervisors and staff.


Integrity, relentless positivity, and motivation for players, staff, and coaches.
Communicating with all people involved with our baseball operations.
Vast knowledge of the physical demands for professional baseball athletes.
Proficient with knowledge in the field of Sports Performance such as: exercise physiology, kinesiology, performance nutrition and biomechanics.                          


Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science or related field


Experience with sports science initiatives (workload monitoring, recovery, nutrition, sleep etc.)
Knowledge of hitting and pitching movements/skill acquisition
Baseball related experience
Strong desire for continuing education (FMS, SFMA, FRC, On Base University, Running Mechanics, Strength Progressions, etc.)
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