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Tabata Training for Baseball By Ed Yong, MS, CSCS, RYT Baseball is a sport that requires repeated brief efforts of max intensity followed by 20-30 seconds or more of recovery. Tabata training is a high-intensity interval training program (HIIT) that has been shown to improve both anaerobic and aerobic capacity making...

VIDEO: In-Place Low Box Foot Drills

VIDEO: md Ball Relays for Change of Direction and Metabolic Conditioning.

Dong Lin, Philadelphia Phillies MiLB Strength and Conditioning Coach, discusses the difference between interval training and distance running for Baseball Athletes.

Are We Running Enough? By Derek Hansen At first glance, it sounds like an unnecessary question: “Are we running enough?” If we looked at the unprecedented growth in obesity in North America, the obvious answer would be “no”. However, taking that angle would be considered “easy pickins” as societal obesity...