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Analyzing MLB player’s performance based on age and experience. J Sport Economics & Management, 7(2): 78-100, 2017.

Abstract: This study models player performance as a function of age, experience, and talent. The unbalanced panel includes 5,754 seasons spread among 562 batters and 4,767 seasons spread among 489 pitchers.

  • Peak physical age for hitters was 26.6 years, when holding experience constant.


  • Peak physical age for pitchers was 24.5 years, when holding experience constant.


  • With increased experience, batters peak near age 29, while pitchers peak near age 28.


  • Batters encounter greater fluctuations in performance over their careers than pitchers

This model is designed for use by MLB teams to predict future performance based on a player’s first six years of statistics.







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