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Player Development – Establish a Routine

By Chris Joyner, CSCS, RSCC – Auburn University

In an attempt to better serve the coaches, players and parents involved in youth and high school baseball, the PBSCCS periodically publishes information on factors that can affect conditioning and performance at these levels. Topics are selected from questions submitted by participants, coaches and parents involved in youth and high school sports.

The question for this posting was from a high school baseball coach –

“What suggestions can you make to help my son prepare to play high school baseball and beyond?”

For a response, the PBSCCS contacted Chris Joyner, Baseball Strength and Conditioning Coach at Auburn University, Auburn, AL.

The first thing a parent or coach should consider when working with young baseball players is to establish a routine. The daily structure of going to class in high school and college offers its own type of routine. In the professional baseball, the first thing coaches do after a player signs

Position-specific routines. Effective routines cover all aspects of the conditioning process – running, agility work, strength training, nutrition and recovery. Travel at all levels will disrupt routine so strength and conditioning coaches have to adjust in order to provide the players with opportunities to get their work in. The routine for pitchers, as you might expect, is much different that that for position players. The challenge is not being able to provide the exercises that need to be performed, its determining when to do them. There is always the possibility that things can come up that can cause a starting pitcher to miss a start. When a pitcher misses a start, adjustments to their routine must be made.

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