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Ty Hill just completed his 21 st year working in the field of strength and conditioning and his 21 st year in professional baseball including the last seven (2012-2018) as the Major League Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Miami Marlins. Hill’s career in professional baseball started in 1998 with his hometown Pittsburgh Pirates. Ty served as a Pirates minor league strength and conditioning coach from 1998-2004. During his time in Pittsburgh, he also served as the Pirates’ Fitness Club Supervisor in 1997 and 1998 and worked as a consultant for the Roberto Clemente Foundation. After Pittsburgh, Hill served seven seasons with the Kansas City Royals, two years (2005-2006) as the Royals’ Minor League Strength and Conditioning Coordinator and five (2007-2011) as their Major League Strength and Conditioning Coordinator.

A native of Pittsburgh, Ty earned 3 letters in baseball and played 2 years of Junior Varsity basketball. After graduating high school, he enrolled at Penn State University where he played baseball and graduated in 1997 with a degree in Sports Science. Hill is single and resides in Miami, FL in the off-season.

His advice to players is to run fast, lift hard and rest well. He believes that the goals of strength and conditioning coaches in professional baseball are to help players

  • Enhance on field performance through strength and conditioning training.
  • Maximize their potential for strength, speed and agility.
  • Encourage good nutrition, safe supplementation and proper rest to maximize recovery.

His recommendations to aspiring strength and conditioning coaches include:

  • Perform all conditioning and agility training at game speed.
  • Include core stabilization and/or core strength training and agility work in each workout.
  • Perform all warm up and stretching exercises with good form to help players prepare for competition.
  • Communicate well and work hard to foster a good relationship with the entire medical staff (Athletic Trainers, Physicians, Physical Therapists, etc.).



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