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The following is a summary of some of the facts that leaders in the field of sports nutrition have presented concerning the effects of alcohol on performance. Even moderate alcohol consumption can affect performance for up to 48 hours after drinking, and the effects will last longer with higher levels of...

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As a sports dietitian to high school, collegiate, professional, Olympic, over-40 and recreational athletes, I spend a great deal of time talking about performance eating. Many athletes are advised to cut carbs, track macros – or macronutrients (carbs, protein and fat) – or eliminate foods without regard to the...

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Hot off the press is the latest issue of Performance Conditioning Baseball/Softball.  Inside you’ll find Devising a Master Plan, Softball Conditioning Ideal vs. Reality, Resting Heart Rate Variability Among Starting Pitchers, and more!   Performance Conditioning Baseball/Softball Volume 16, Number 4