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On December 11th at their annual meeting in Las Vegas, the Professional Strength and Conditioning Coaches Society (PBSCCS) announced their 2018 Minor League Baseball Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year Award winners. Some of the winners pictured below from left to right are: Cole Durham (Reds), Will Gilmore (Royals), Larry Adegoke (Yankees), Chris Messina (Red Sox), Goldy Simmons (White Sox), Al Sandoval (Rangers), Nate Friedman (Diamondbacks), Joe Palazzolo (Giants) and Mark Spandavecchia (Giants).

Other winners not pictured are Bryan King (Rays), Paul Howey (Braves), Shaun Alexander (Dodgers), Logan Bynam (Pirates), Frank Spinelli (Cardinals), Marcos Sierra (Tigers), Chris Hays (Dodgers) and Lee Tressel (Yankees). Sandoval and Tressel are three-time winners and Alexander, Gilmore, Spinelli, and Simmons are two-time winners.

The table below outlines the winners, their affiliate teams and the league that each participated in.

2018 MiLB Coach of the Year Announcement

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