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Nate Shaw – Arizona Diamondbacks

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Name:  Nathan Shaw                    

Or­ga­ni­za­tion:  Arizona Diamondbacks

Title: Major League Strength and Conditioning Coordinator

Years work­ing in pro­fes­sional base­ball S&C:  12 seasons including 2015. My professional life in baseball started in Spring Training 2001 as a dual strength/athletic training intern with the Toronto Blue Jays. I graduated from the University of Florida in 2001 and worked in a personal training /performance program in a fitness center in Gainesville, FL that I helped establish from 2001-2003. I was hired by the Rays in 2003 to be athletic trainer for the Hudson Valley Renegades in the NY Penn League. At the end of that season, the Rays promoted me to Minor League Strength and Conditioning Coordinator, a position that I held two seasons (2004-2005). In 2006, the Arizona Diamondbacks hired me to be their Major League Strength and Conditioning Coordinator.

Years in S&C total: 12

Work experience, grad assistant, etc. outside of professional baseball: I always thought that I wanted to be a physical therapist so I enrolled sports medicine prerequisite courses at a local community college and supported myself by working at Lowes. After being passed over by a few physical therapy schools for lack of experience in the field, I became a physical therapy technician at Mid Florida Physical Therapy. I worked as a PT tech for three years before being accepted into the College of Exercise and Sports Sciences at the University of Florida in the fall of 1998. After a semester of general coursework, I was admitted into the UF Athletic Training Program where I gained valuable experience working as a student athletic trainer with the UAA in football and as a student trainer in the UF student health center and UF Intramural Sports Program. I also served as a student trainer in in an outpatient rehab center and a local high school outreach program from 1999 through 2000.

Ed­u­ca­tion (University, degrees and years): University of Florida, BS in Sport Science with a specialization in Athletic Training 2001.

Sports experience (e.g., years of HS and/or college baseball, letters, awards, etc.): 13. I was a student athlete at Lake Weir High School in Chandler FL. As a freshman I ran track for a week and my lack of speed helped me decide that I was better suited to be a weight lifter. I played HS football for four years, was a member of the weightlifting team for two years (freshman and sophomore years), and played baseball during my junior and senior years. I earned letters and received awards in football, baseball and weight lifting. I was a good athlete and played in a very competitive sports area/district. I was also a member of the honor society and involved in the Student Government Club.

Cer­ti­fi­ca­tions:  ATC, RSCC*D

Family: I was born in Providence Rhode Island. My wife, Veronica, and I have two sons, Dakota age 26 and Jonathan age 4. Dakota is a successful accountant and an avid exerciser. Jonathan plays soccer, baseball, swimming, tennis, football and basketball, but really loves playing cops and robbers, putting out fires, wrestling and playing Legos.

Home (where you live in the off-season): Chandler, AZ

Brief outline of your philosophy of S&C in MLB:  Durability is more important than ability. Creating a program that focuses on health and performance can be a bit challenging, but I believe that being healthy is more important than any other skill that an athlete might have. The Dbacks Program reflects that belief.

Honors/Awards: I have served on the PBSCCS education committee for the past few years.

Hobbies: Gator Football, fitness, playing cops and robbers with Jonathan and hiking

Other items that you would like to be mentioned: I have enjoyed being involved with the growth of our professional organization (PBSCCS) over the years. I love leadership and being involved with the members of the Dbacks’ Sports Medicine team.

Advice to someone considering the field. You can do anything you want if you put your mind to it. Work hard and learn every day. Hustle and act with integrity and you will accomplish whatever you set your mind to.



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