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The San Francisco Giants have a full-time Assistant MiLB Strength & Conditioning Coordinator / Rehab S&C Coach position available for the 2019 season.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  1. Assist Rehab Pitching Coordinator / PT’s / ATC’s in the Rehabilitation of injured athletes:
    1. Program design on an individual athlete basis – prescribe and teach individualized physical development program based on athletes ongoing physical assessments throughout the rehabilitation process.
    2. Competency analyzing skill specific biomechanics related to baseball and ability to program to address individual needs to optimize rehabilitation process.
    3. Run rehab daily dynamic warm-up, mobility, and movement preparation programs to prepare the athletes for training sessions.
    4. Transfer reports for players leaving the Rehab process to an affiliate.
    5. Assist/teach short season coaches with same task.
  2. Assist MiLB Coordinator with:
    1. S&C Coach’s development throughout the year.
    2. Compiling affiliate monthly reports.
    3. Travel to affiliates (TBD) during extended Spring Training.
    4. Assist with June Draft Physicals.
    5. Design and lead implementation of off-season training camps.
    6. S&C Program Development tasks throughout season as needed.
    7. Assist coordinator with updating in / off-season programs to meet our updated philosophies as we evolve our program.
    8. The implementation and teaching of organization’s strength and conditioning program.
    9. Organizing and planning daily S&C activities while coordinating with other members of the staff.
    10. Collaborate with affiliate coaching staff to identify and act on solutions related to physical limitations for specific skills.
    11. Communicate plans, goals and progress with players and relevant staff members at specific times of the year.
  3. Facilitation of Sports Science program:
    1. Knowledge, experience and willingness to learn and utilize various technologies (wearable and non-wearable).
    2. Ability to interpret data, educate players & staff and collaborate to make adjustments as needed to individualize daily plans.
    3. Generation of various reports
  4. Collaboration with all members of player development as part of a holistic developmental approach:
    1. In-depth understanding and knowledge of sprinting, pitching/throwing, and hitting biomechanics.
    2. Basic knowledge and understanding of key nutrition and supplement concepts to help educate players.
    3. Ability to analyze player’s performance deficiencies through the utilization of various tools, reports, and technology.
  5. Other duties and projects as needed.


Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science or related field required

Master’s degree preferred

Minimum of 3-5 years Professional Level Experience Required

NSCA – CSCS required

NSCA – RSCC required

CPR/AED required

Bilingual – (Spanish) preferred

Strong interest in player and athletic development

Strong interpersonal and communication skills

Strong computer skills; proficient in Microsoft Office and willingness to learn how to utilize analytics platforms

Professional or college playing experience is a plus

Previous coaching experience is a plus

Desire to continue to learn and develop both professionally and as a team member

Additional Comments:

Email cover letter, resume, and 3 references in ONE document to Geoff Head ( and Adam Vish (

The SF Giants are looking to fill this position ASAP.

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