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ORGANIZATION: Milwaukee Brewers

JOB TITLE: Minor League Strength and Conditioning Coach


Provides overall supervision/implementation of the strength and conditioning program for minor league players. Evaluates, motivates, and educates athletes in all aspects as it relates to performance enhancement and durability. Assists with nutritional evaluation for players at the assigned minor league affiliate club. The position requires residing in Phoenix when not at the affiliate during their championship season.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. Other duties may be assigned.

Spring Training:

o Supervise all Strength and Conditioning workouts

o Assist Major League Staff and Minor League Coordinator with all performance testing and supervision of strength and conditions programs for major league and minor league players

o Give assisted, individual stretches

o Make sure workout logs are completed

o Assist athletic trainers and physical therapist with rehabilitation programs as needed

o Conduct team stretches, warm-up, agility, weight lifting and running programs

o Keep weight room clan and organized at all times

o Assist with rotator cuff program

o Responsible for all travel related tasks for spring training camp to minor league affiliate

  • Including but not limited to hotel room lists, travel itineraries, meal money, and airline tickets when applicable, etc.


o Implement and oversee strength and conditioning program as designed by Strength & Conditioning Coordinator

o Set aside time to work individually with players who need assistance

o Supervise all workouts at all times, no exceptions

o Make sure workout cards are completed

o Report any problems/injuries to athletic trainers, coaches, coordinator

o Communicate daily with manager, coaches and athletic trainer

o Assist athletic trainers with rehab programs as needed

o Organize and set-up team weight lifting times on the road

o Provide NSF educational information and updates to players

o Provide proper nutritional counseling to any players in accordance with the Milwaukee Brewers Nutritional Guidelines

o Report and record any supplement abuse (steroids, recreational drugs, etc.) immediately to the Strength a& Conditioning Coordinator

o Keep attendance log up to date, no exceptions

o Report to Strength & Conditioning Coordinator weekly giving summary of overall program issues

o Conduct team weigh-ins every 2 weeks

o Responsible for monthly player reports to Strength & Conditioning Coordinator

o Keep weight room clean and organized at all times

o Monitor the nutritional value of meals/snacks provided in the clubhouse

o Continuous evaluation of all player’s physical development at minor league affiliate

o Assist with implementation of rotator cuff program

o Provide corrective exercise programs for players based on spring training assessments and continuous evaluations of players deficiencies

o Mandatory attendance is required for the following:

  • All meetings by Strength & Conditioning Coordinator, Manager or Front Office Personnel

o Responsible for all travel related tasks for spring training camp to minor league affiliate, as well as in-season travel related tasks:

  • Including but not limited to hotel room lists, travel itineraries, meal money, and airline tickets when applicable, etc.


o Bi-monthly off season phone calls to players, with recording to the Brewers Off-Season website

o Visit prospects/major league players that live in the vicinity as directed by the Dir-Medical Ops and/or the Minor League Strength & Conditioning Coordinator

o Create and implement video content on the strength and conditioning website

o Provide educational information for the strength and conditioning website

o Assist in any research projects as assigned by the medical department

o Monthly webinar/Skype projects with strength and conditioning staff to develop new policies/procedures, ideas, philosophies, research articles as it relates to professional baseball

JOB LOCATION: Phoenix Az. During the offseason and depending on affiliate assigned to- either Helena, MT or Appleton, WI

JOB DURATION: This is a full time year round position

SALARY/STIPEND/ETC.: Based on qualifications but is a full time position with health benefits





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