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Latin American Performance Coordinator

This position is primarily responsible for the implementation and guidance of the Dominican Republic Academy S&C Program. Will be responsible for overseeing and coordinating with the DR Performance Coaches. Along side the DR Performance Coaches, this position will oversee the S&C weight room program, on field movement preparation and activation sessions, conditioning sessions, and player profiling/testing. The Latin America Performance Coaching Coordinator will also be responsible for ensuring the maintenance of objective data to the players/team on the NY Mets AMS database. Responsible for the departmental communication with Athletic Training and Physical Therapy departments. Will need to have constant communication with the Performance Coaching Coordinator and provide reports as specified.
Essential Duties & Responsibilities:
  • Under the guidance of the Performance Coaching coordinator, develop the Dominican Republic’s Strength & Conditioning program and coaching staff.
  • Lead in person staff development when in the Dominican Republic and virtually when in the US.
  • Assist in the development and coaching of energy system development programs that are position and player specific.
  • Assist in the scheduling, programming and coaching of: Movement Preparation, Linear and Multidirectional Movement Skill and Speed, Plyometrics, Strength and Power Development, Correctives, and Recovery and Regeneration Protocols.
  • Assist with organizational established athlete testing and data collection.
  • Maintain and record subjective and objective information specific to player and team performance in the NY Mets database.
  • Assist in the composition of the ‘Daily Schedule’ and assign DR Performance Coaches daily coverage assignments
  • Report daily/ weekly with the Performance Coaching Coordinator when visiting the DR and periodically when in the US.
  • Maintain knowledge of latest trends and leading practices in the performance field.
  • Demonstrate a growth mindset and the drive to develop themselves in their own specific professional domain.
  • Being curious about the domains around them, for the betterment of the wider performance department.
  • Must be a positive and proactive worker, who can effectively collaborate with other members of the performance department and the baseball skills coaches.
  • Assist the LA Performance Coaching Coord. with reports throughout the year and mid/end of year performance testing collection that will be provided to the Performance Coaching Coordinator.
  • Use the organizations Athlete Management System to maintain player records and provide player information
  • Seeking to build open and collaborative relationships with staff and players, whilst putting the development of the team and players at the center, at all times.
  • Bilingual (English and Spanish)
  • Must be able to travel domestically and internationally.
  • 3+ years’ full-time experience in a professional baseball or collegiate environment.
  • Excellent communication skills with coaches, athletes, and staff.
  • A positive, friendly personality with a passion for assisting others in achieving their goals.
  • Ability to lead and deliver sessions in a large group setting.
  • Experience with or desire to develop knowledge around programming and coaching linear and multidirectional movement skills.
  • Experience with or desire to develop understanding around developing aerobic and anaerobic energy system development programs.
  • Experience with or desire to learn about periodic player performance assessments.
  • Evidence of continued professional development and education (Workshops, accreditations, etc.)
  • Must be able to work unconventional hours.
Desired Qualifications:
  • Undergraduate degree in Exercise Science, Physiology, or related degree.
  • NSCA CSCS or NSCA CPT and CPR/First Aid certification.
  • Experience working in baseball (MiLB or Baseball Academy).
  • 1+ years experience working in a leadership position.
  • Familiarity with athlete management systems, force plate systems, and player profiling.
  • Familiarity with basic computer programs/skills (Excel & Word).

please click the link below to apply–Port-Saint-Lucie-Florida/Latin-American-Performance-Coordinator_R618

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