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Department:      Strength and Conditioning

Job Title:           Dominican Strength & Conditioning Coordinator

Reports To:       Minor League Strength & Conditioning Coordinator

Job Purpose:     Assist in the oversight/implementation of the DBacks strength & conditioning program in the Dominican Republic.

Experience, Education and Licensure:

  • BA/BS in Exercise Science or related field required.
  • CSCS required.
  • Bilingual in Spanish required.


  • Manage Dominican academy player pre-season movement screens to improve injury prevention programs, and guide in season programing.
  • Assist with movement screening of new player signs.
  • Create and coordinate preventative care and performance programs for newly signed players and communicate these with DSL sports medicine team
  • Oversee strength and conditioning activities at the Dominican Academy
  • Assist with rehab strength and conditioning activities.
  • Coordinate strength and conditioning reports from DSL strength coaches
  • Inspire/ Educate Dominican strength coaches and athletic trainers to maximize player potential
  • Oversee S & C  budgets and inventory for the Dominican Academy
  • Assist DSL strength coach with capital item requests
  • Act as a liaison to promote open communication between International and US-based personnel
  • Promote culture of confidence, trust, and understanding between Latin American players and personnel in the Dominican and US
  • Assist in coordinating continuing education for all Dominican sports medicine staff
  • Help with ongoing search and development of potential future SMPT team members
  • Research new programs and philosophies that may improve injury prevention and performance
  • Travel as needed between Arizona, the Dominican Republic, and other affiliates
  • Assist with off-season programs and rehab at SRF and Dominican Academy.
  • Assist with Off season communication for DSL players
  • Additional duties as assigned


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