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Company: Boras Sports Training Institute

Position Open: Strength and Conditioning Coach

Position Details:  Full-time

The Boras Sports Training Institute (BSTI) is looking to hire a strength and conditioning coach to work with our professional baseball clients. This professional will be responsible for the implementation of the BSTI program and required to provide support to the clients of the Boras Corporation.

This coach will work from our facility in Miami Gardens, FL and report directly to the Athletic Development Coordinator.

Job Duties

  • Teach athletes correct technique and improve movement efficiency as it pertains to warm up, linear and multidirectional speed development, strength training, plyometrics, and functional mobility / stability
  • Provide consultation and support to remote athletes for both in-season and off-season phases of the annual plan
  • Lead daily training sessions
  • Participate in program design, in support of the BSTI program
  • Provide nutritional support, in conjunction with the BSTI Philosophy
  • Present information to prospective clients

General Requirements:

  • Must be Fluent in Spanish
  • Detail any experience with Latin American clients or training in Latin American countries via resume
  • Must possess a four-year degree in Exercise Science or like field
  • Experience as a S&C coach with a MLB organization is required
  • NSCA Certification (CSCS) is required, additional certifications are beneficial
  • CPR/First Aid Certification is required
  • Possess a high level of professionalism
  • Experience and interest in the biomechanics of baseball
  • Experience with performance testing and assessment
  • Familiarity with Apple and Google systems along with proficiency in using Microsoft office suite
  • Work with a flexible and constantly changing schedule (i.e. travel, meetings, etc.)
  • Must be comfortable in a professional baseball setting and possess a desire to attend games and continue to learn about all aspects of the game and profession

Application acceptance begins immediately.

Please submit applications according to the following procedure:

E-mail to the attention of: BSTI Coordinator, Karen Lederman at


  1.    Cover Letter
  2.    Current Resume with References

– Reference letters are optional –


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