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Interview with Will Gilmore

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Will Gilmore is a Minor League Strength and Conditioning coach with the Kansas City Royals. He joined the Royals in 2015 after completing an internship at Cal Berkeley. He has worked in the Pioneer League (Idaho Falls 2015), South Atlantic League (2016) and Carolina League (2017). Will was voted Minor League Strength and Conditioning Coach of the year by his Carolina League peers in 2017. Will is now in his second offseason working for MLB’s International Development Program, having spent time in France, Sweden and Brazil. He earned his Bachelor’s degree from Santa Clara University, where he played baseball and went on to play one season in the Belgian Baseball Federation.

If you would like to learn more from Will, you can check out some of his articles on the PBSCCS website by clicking on the links below:

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Twitter: @willgilmorekc

Instagram: @will_gilmore_kc

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