Interview with Todd Kubacki

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Todd Kubacki just completed his 11th season in the Cleveland Indians organization. He spent 5 years as a minor league strength and conditioning coach, with stops in Low-A (1 year), AA (1 year), and AAA (3 years). He was also the Minor League Strength and Conditioning Coordinator for 4 years and a Performance Coordinator for 1 year. He now currently works as an Analyst, with a focus on performance domain metrics.


He completed his undergraduate work at Youngstown State University in 2007, and received his Master’s degree in Performance Psychology in 2014. He currently lives in Phoenix with his wife, Phuong.


Topics covered in this episode:

  • Todd’s journey through professional baseball
  • The future of strength and conditioning in professional baseball
  • Todd’s “craziest” beliefs



  • “I think the biggest lesson is meeting the player where they are at” (6:28)
  • “The basics are the basics for a reason – it’s because they work” (10:40)
  • “Great coaches are generally pretty great people” (16:27)



If you would like to learn more from Todd, you can follow him on social media:


Instagram: @tkub1114

Twitter: @tkubacki11


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