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Interview with Ricky de Luna (Part 1)

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Ricky de Luna serves his 5th year as a strength and conditioning coach for the Boston Red Sox organization. Prior to his experience with the Red Sox, Ricky assisted with strength and conditioning programs with the United States Marine Corps, the US Olympic Training Committee, Altis, and within the NCAA D1 setting. Ricky’s experience comes from a track and field background, which has helped him in professional baseball.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Aerial vs. Terrestrial athletes
  • The foot and ankle complex
  • Acceleration vs. Max velocity
  • Aerobic conditioning


  • “In my opinion, I feel full ranges of loaded squats aren’t the most necessary if you’re just talking about developing athleticism” (10:34)
  • “Introduce what we’re looking for, let them explore the best strategies, and then let them stabilize” (15:42)
  • “If it looks athletic and he’s sprinting at really good speeds there may be a point where we just don’t touch it; Just let it be” (44:25)

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