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Interview with Larry Adegoke

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Larry Adegoke is entering his 3rd season as a Strength and Conditioning Coach for the New York Yankees Organization. Larry spent the previous 2 seasons at Appalachian League Rookie Affiliate, Pulaski Yankees. Prior to becoming a Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Yankees, Larry worked as an intern for the Yankee’s Performance Science Department. Originally from Gwinnett, Georgia, Larry attended Kennesaw State University where he interned as a Strength and Conditioning Coach for their football program. Following the completion of his undergraduate degree, he moved to Tampa, Florida to pursue his master’s degree in Exercise and Nutrition Science at The University of Tampa. Larry currently resides in Tampa, Florida.


Topics covered in this episode:

  • -Training at Diesel Fitness
  • Star Wars Night in Danville
  • Limitations and psychological blocks



  • “There is a better view on the scenic route” (12:29)
  • “I think, as strength coaches, our job is to help guys maximize their potential” (15:49)
  • “I believe that everybody you work with impacts you positively or negatively” (25:27)


If you would like to learn more from Larry, you can follow him on social media:


Instagram: @larry.strength


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