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Interview with Jordan Sidwell

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Jordan Sidwell just finished his first season as the AA strength and conditioning coach in the Atlanta Braves organization after spending the 2018 season with High-A Florida. Previously, Sidwell worked in the collegiate setting as a strength coach at the University of Maine (2017), South Dakota State University (2015-2017) and Northwestern University (2014-2015). Sidwell is a 2014 graduate of North Park University, where he played baseball and earned a degree in Exercise Science. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Exercise Sciences from South Dakota State University. Outside of baseball, Sidwell is a competitive powerlifter in the 83kg weight class.


Topics covered in this episode:

  • His best professional baseball story
  • Adventures in Spanish speaking
  • Pain Science



  • “I think it’s one of the cool things about this profession is that you end up living some places that you never thought you’d be because the job takes you there” (1:37)
  • “How you frame everything is really important” (8:57)
  • “You also, I think, need to make your own decisions versus just listening to what everyone is putting out there on social media and blog posts” (14:32)


If you would like to learn more from Jordan, you can follow him on social media:


Instagram: @coachjsidwell


Twitter: @CoachJSidwell


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