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Interview with Dwayne Peterson

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Dwayne Peterson is entering his six seasons as a minor league strength coach with the Houston Astros and his second year in AAA. He is a former division one football player, competitive powerlifter and bodybuilder. Dwayne spends his offseasons with his wife Candie at their home in Erlanger, KY.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • His unique journey -Hard in-season training
  • His vision for an off-season program in professional baseball Quotes:
  • “I push players hard in-season” (15:23)
  • “I think it’s more the intangible things that make the difference” (18:35)
  • “You need to enjoy the journey” (23:53)


If you would like to learn more from Dwayne, you can read his articles on the PBSCCS website:

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