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Interview with Derek Somerville (Part 1)

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Derek Somerville is in his 8th season as a strength and conditioning coach in professional baseball including 2 seasons with the San Francisco Giants and currently in his 6th season with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Derek is originally from Minot, North Dakota, and attended the University of Mary studying Exercise Science and competing in collegiate baseball. Following undergrad Derek attended Liberty University completing a Masters of Science in Exercise Science and most recently completed his massage therapy license through the Cortiva Institute.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Sport Coach / Strength Coach Collaboration
  • Screening and Communication
  • “Sport-specific” Drills


  • “I’m just trying to create as much conversation as possible with whatever coach it may be” (6:01)
  • “For me, especially at the minor league level, we’re strength coaches first” (8:34)
  • “The players have to trust you and so do the coaches, otherwise you’re not going to make as big of an impact as you hope” (13:31)


If you would like to learn more from Derek, you can check out his presentation from the 2021 PBSCCS Winter Meetings Strength & Conditioning Symposium below:

or by following him on social media:


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