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Interview with Brian Buck

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Brian Buck is a former St. Louis Cardinals draft pick now going on his 8th year in Physical Performance. Brian currently serves as a Performance Analyst at Sparta Science, but had previous stops as a Strength Coach in the MLB and the Boras Sports Training Institute. Brian is a native of Portland, OR and now resides in San Francisco, CA.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Sparta Science -Brian’s best professional baseball story
  • Thoughts on lifting and conditioning in-season Quotes:
  • “Transparency can be so big for buy-in with athletes” (11:53)
  • “It’s just having a plan and executing based off what you think is right” (25:54)
  • “At the end of the day have the best interest of the player in mind” (34:06)

If you would like to learn more from Brian, you can check out some of his blog posts on the Sparta Science website: or by following him on social media:

Instagram: @brianbuck6

Twitter: @brianbuck6

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