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Increasing Forearm and Hand Strength

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Strong forearms and hands are important for hitting, throwing and injury prevention. The hands are your last link with the bat and ball. How hard you swing is determined, in part, by how much force you apply to the bat. Hitters need grips strength to pull the inside pitch, drive the ball the opposite way and muscle a jam shot over the infield. Pitchers need it to impart spin on the ball. A pitcher with good grip strength will throw a four-seamer harder and impart more spin to his breaking pitches. Possessing a strong grips and powerful forearms can also help reduce the risk of elbow injury by increasing the strength of the muscles and ligaments that surround the elbow. The forearm program used by players at all levels in the Atlanta Braves organization is presented in the following page.

PDF File : Forearm Strength


Rick Slate, MS, CSCS-E is the Director of Strength and Conditioning, Atlanta Braves Baseball

James J. Gonzalez, RSCC-D, USAW, CF-L1 Trainer is Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coordinator of Player Development, Atlanta Braves Baseball.

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