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In-Season Recovery Group Discussion

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This episode of The PBSCCS Podcast is a group discussion on in-season recovery techniques.



  • Logan Jones (Arizona Diamondbacks organization)
  • Danny Escobar (LA Angels organization)
  • Travis Roberson (Cleveland Indians organization)


Questions/topics covered in the episode:

  • Overall thoughts on the importance of recovery modalities in-season
  • Challenges faced trying to improve recovery in professional baseball
  • Discussion on ideal vs. reality for players
  • Modalities that have proven to be successful
  • Resources for continuing education on various recovery techniques



  • “I think as performance coaches our first job is to just do no harm” – Logan Jones (2:42)
  • “In Minor League Baseball you gotta be creative, especially on the road” – Travis Roberson (23:37)
  • “One of the biggest resources that are available for recovery modalities is looking at powerlifters and Olympic weightlifters” – Danny Escobar (34:02)


If you would like to learn more from the guests on this episode, you can follow them on social media:



@logan_jones95 – Logan Jones

@robersont7 – Travis Roberson

@edanielescobar – Danny Escobar



@Logan_Jones95 – Logan Jones

@robersont77 – Travis Roberson

@edanielescobar – Danny Escobar


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