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When looking at candidates for strength and conditioning positions in professional baseball, and specifically ones that are looking at professional baseball as a career, I look for certain criteria within their resume.  Here are 5 things that I immediately look for when look at a resume.

1. CSCS CERTIFIED—When a potential candidate is CSCS certified, I know they have invested in becoming a professional as a strength coach.  I feel that the candidate has thought out the process of becoming certified to be qualified for the position he is applying for.  I also feel that the CSCS certification provides an overall base knowledge of not just program design and lifting technique, but of the physiology of why program’s need to be designed certain and specific ways.   Finally, the certification requires continuing education to ensure the strength coach keeps up and maintains a certain level of education and awareness of new trends, new science, and what is currently affecting athletes.

2. COLLEGE DEFGREE IN EXERCISE PHYSIOLOGY/PHYSICAL EDUCATION EMPHASIS—This is the basis for our profession.  The base of a strength coach’s education needs to have anatomy, physiology, and the study and understanding of the human body.  You need to have the basis of what, where, and why the body works, moves, and responds to different environmental stressors, nutrition, biomechanical changes, and how the body adapts to change.

3. VOLUNTEER/GRADUATE ASSISTANT WORK AT COLLEGE OR WITH SURROUNDING SPORTS TEAMS IN YOUR AREA—Experience is vital as a strength coach.  If you are not working with a team, either in the weight room or on a field at any level, then how are you.gunnertechnetwork.comeloping your skills as a strength coach?  Coaching style and experience is only gained through specific weight room experience and practices.

You need athlete-coach interaction to.gunnertechnetwork.comelop you coaching style.  Having a candidate who has this diverse background on a resume is a major plus for my hiring decisions.  It illustrates that the candidate is motivated, has been exposed to a variety of sports and athletes, and is serious about taking the next step in their career to become an professional strength coach.

4. HAVE OBTAINED OR WORKING TO OBTAIN A MASTERS DEGREE IN EXERCISE SCIENCE/PHYSICAL EDUCATION CIRRICULUM—Higher education and the pursuit of knowledge is what a professional strength coach should strive for.  To better your base knowledge through education and experience exemplifies the dedication you have towards your profession.  A candidate who has this degree, or who is pursuing this degree, shows me they are dedicated to becoming a professional strength coach.

5. HAVE A CLEAN, PROFESSIONAL, AND JOB POSTING SPECIFIC RESUME—After all of the education, volunteer work, preparation, and studying to become a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach do not overlook the importance of a clean resume.  Your resume should highlight the experiences that have prepared you for the position.  In describing your experience, let me know how diverse you are as a strength coach.  This includes characteristics or experiences that set you apart from another candidate.  Finally, every professional should take the time to have the proper name, address, and contact info on their information before they submit it.  Additional details such as a cover letter, resume, and references will be important in identifying yourself as a qualified candidate.

I hope that these 5 things will help you.gunnertechnetwork.comelop your approach to applying for strength and conditioning coach positions in professional baseball or in any other sport or arena you are looking to apply to.  Professionalism begins with preparation and presentation.

Sean Marohn MS, CSCS, RSCC

Cincinnati Reds

Minor League Strength & Conditioning Coordinator


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