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Glute Facilitation Exercise

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This is an example of a glute activation exercise. This area is commonly overlooked. This exercise provides an additional option for training.

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  1. Vanessa / February 15, 2016 at 3:29 am /Reply

    These guys are a bit archaic are they not? Think its a load of crap this if it doesn’t kill ya it makes you stngeorr . He talks about not making things complicated yet he gets a guy to bring in some telephone poles? What the hell? Lift weights, sprint, do skills drills and play games. Then recover. Its that easy.I believe present day athletes are more committed than ever and actually commit more time than ever to training. It may not all be in the gym, but at least they’ll be able to walk straight when they are 55. And i really am flabbergasted a S&C Coach knows nothing about Yoga and the benefits it can bring to certain people/players.

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