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This episode of The PBSCCS Podcast is a group discussion on using force plates and jump testing.



  • Trevor Swartz (Colorado Rockies organization)
  • Brian Buck (Sparta Science)


Questions/topics covered in the episode:

  • General force plate discussion (frequency of testing, metrics used, testing used, etc.)
  • How are you taking that data and using it to drive changes?
  • Challenges you face/backlash from athletes (dealing with “well what does that mean?”)
  • Continuing education about force plates – where to find more info



  • “It’s selfish as a practitioner to think that we’re just gonna test and eventually figure it out and then come back with a better plan” – Brian Buck (15:54)
  • “The training is meant to offset what is going on in the game” – Trevor Swartz (19:28)
  • “A force plate is just hardware. Let’s not forget that. It’s the interpretation that matters” – Brian Buck (53:42)


If you would like to learn more from the guests on this episode, you can follow them on social media:


Trevor Swartz – @trevor_swartz9

Brian Buck – @brianbuck6



Trevor Swartz – @tswartz9

Brian Buck – @brianbuck6


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