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First Year Group Discussion

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This episode of The PBSCCS Podcast is a group discussion on being a first-year strength and conditioning coach in professional baseball.


  • Tommy LaBriola (Toronto Blue Jays organization)
  • Mike Hernandez (Boston Red Sox organization)

Questions/topics covered in this episode:

  • Journeys into professional baseball
  • Overall discussion on first year in professional baseball
  • Situations specific to the professional baseball strength and conditioning coach


  • “Communication is going to be your best friend” – Tommy LaBriola (23:01)
  • “You need to have feel overall, above everything else” – Mike Hernandez (25:11)
  • “You can’t take anything personal is one of the best things you can tell yourself everyday” – Tommy LaBriola (1:00:35)
  • “Every day is going to be a new adventure” – Mike Hernandez (1:02:07)If you would like to learn more from the guests on this episode, you can follow them on social media:

@tommy_labriola – Tommy LaBriola
@i_amcoachmike – Mike Hernandez

@tommylabs – Tommy LaBriola

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