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Continuing Education Group Discussion

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This episode of The PBSCCS Podcast is a group discussion on continuing education.



  • Andy King (San Francisco Giants organization)
  • Adam Smith (LA Angels organization)
  • Justin Bucko (Cincinnati Reds organization)


Questions/topics covered in this episode:

  • Your process/approach to developing yourself as a coach
  • What has changed since you started and how?
  • Go-to sources for continuing to develop and grow as a coach
  • Advice for others on developing a process for growth and/or continuing education



  • “More times than not a lot of coaches are putting a lot of quality information out there that we can dive into” – Andy King (17:57)
  • “Always be curious” – Adam Smith (27:47)
  • “You can’t adjust something if you don’t have anything to look back on” – Justin Bucko (31:46)


If you would like to learn more from the guests on this episode, you can follow them on social media:



@coachak15 – Andy King

@adampsmith_ – Adam Smith

@justin_bucko – Justin Bucko



@CoachAK15 – Andy King

@SCcoachsmith – Adam Smith

@JustinMBucko – Justin Bucko


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