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Can’t Microwave Development

By Flint Wallace, Colorado Rockies

Too often I see players that have an unrealistic view on how a true development process works.  Instead, they are looking for a shortcut, a hack, or the easy button. They think there is always a quick, fast or simple way to get better. This thought process is not all their fault, it is how our society works these days.  If you don’t know the answer to something, you can just Google it and find the answer in seconds.  If you don’t feel like cooking, you can just go through the drive thru and have dinner in a matter of minutes.  You don’t even have to wait until next week to watch your favorite TV show, you just stream it anywhere you are and binge watch it.  Not only that, you can fast-forward through the commercials too.

I am not complaining about how things are today.  As a matter of fact, I like the convenience of most of these advancements as much as the next person.  But not everything can be sped up, made easier or hacked.

 When it comes to developing high caliber athletic skills and developing the physical capability to perform those skills at an elite level, there is no safe shortcut.  You cannot microwave the process, you must slow cook it.  It takes time; months and years, not days and weeks.  It is a process.  There is a series of actions or steps you must take in order to achieve your desired result.  Not only does it take time, it takes a tremendous amount of effort, dedication and determination as well. This news should not make you discouraged.  In fact, it should do the exact opposite, it should encourage you.  I know you are thinking to yourself, “What, is this guy serious?”.

 Just hear me out.  The reason you should be encouraged about this is that most people will not spend the required time and effort needed to become a high caliber performer.  All you have to do is decide you will.  Decide, then you will put in the extra time.  Then you will expend the necessary effort.

Like JJ Watts says, “Success isn’t owned.  It is leased.  And rent is due every day.” Many are just looking for the one-time buy, they are not willing to pay the price day in and day out. That is why you should be encouraged.  Again, this is a process.  It is not about finding the one-time fix, rather it is about the consistent development over time. If you are willing to pay the price each and every day then in the long run, you will pass the many who are just looking for a microwave process. Stay the course and pay the rent every day.


Flint Wallace is the Coordinator of Pitching Strategies for the Colorado Rockies. He was most recently the Director of Player Development at the Texas Baseball Ranch in Montgomery, TX, and has served as Director of Baseball Operations at TCU and pitched for the Oakland Athletics from 1996-1998.

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