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Morgan Gregory, Cincinnati Reds MiLB Strength and Conditioning Coach, demonstrates Kettlebell Bent Over Row.

Loren Landow shows and talks about the Wall Drill.

Loren Landow, Director of Sports Performance at Steadman Hawkins Clinic Denver, discusses and shows a skipping progression to improve speed.

Morgan Gregory, Cincinnati Reds MiLB Strength Coach, demonstrates Kettlebell Reverse Lunge.

Joel Raether, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Colorado Mammoth Professional Lacrosse Team and Performance Coach at Steadman Hawkins Sports Performance discusses VertiMax Standing Long Jump.

2014 Texas Rangers Strength Highlights

Loren Landow, CSCS-D, of Steadman Hawkins – Denver Sports Performance discusses Reverse Plank with Leg Lift. 

KB Squat shown by Morgan Gregory, Cincinnati Reds MiLB Strength and Conditioning Coach.

Kettlebells can have a significant positive effect when training baseball players. Lifts that that have been shown to be popular and effective include the following: The Swing. This is an explosive lift that forces athletes to use maximum power in the muscles of the posterior chain to accelerate the KB with proper...

It’s true: if you snooze, you lose. Skipping breakfast for a few extras Z’s means you’ll be at a loss for energy. So get your game going by waking up early enough to eat a solid breakfast. The following energy-boosting breakfast has been recommended Susan Kleiner, former sports nutrition consultant to MLB, NFL,...