On December 17, 2015, the Atlanta Braves invited the “Top 25” players in their minor league system to attend their first ever Winter Development Camp in Atlanta. It’s unlikely that any of these attendees will play in the majors next year, but the focus for the week was not on baseball activities. Campers received instruction in yoga, conditioning, resistance training and core strength to help improve on-field bravescampperformance and reduce the risk of injury. They also attended presentations by guest speakers and seminars on nutrition, money management, financial planning, career development, leadership skills and quality of life issues designed to help them improve and develop into responsible spouses, fathers and

The Camp also allowed the Braves front office and field staff to evaluate the current training status of each player and recommend changes and/or modifications in individual strength and conditioning programs. It also gave them the opportunity to explain the Atlanta Braves philosophy on how players should conduct themselves both on and off-the field and how to play the game the “Braves Way”.


Rick Slate, MS, CSCS-E is the Director of Strength and Conditioning, Atlanta Braves Baseball.





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